Saturday, March 30, 2013

Introduction - why am I doing this blog?

So, why am I doing this blog?

Mostly, to chronicle what I learn about vintage sewing machines, how to refurbish them, how to operate them, how to sew on them.  I'll post some of the machines I've brought back to life and some of the articles I've made.  I'm a big fan of sharing what I learn in the hopes that others may be helped by my own trial and error and things learned from others.  I'll have a links page as well to sources I've found valuable.

This blog will allow me to share what I'm doing with my daughters and family who live across the country.

I'm an accredited interior designer, a licensed general contractor, and an avid Harley rider, but mostly an inventor at heart.  You're just as likely to see me riding my motorcycle, remodeling a kitchen, tearing apart a vintage sewing machine or sewing a purse.  My wife and daughters think I'm a bit abnormal.

I hope to offer for sale items that I've designed and created.

If I figure something out, I'll also post a tutorial every now and then.

So... be kind in your comments, this is my first attempt at this.


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