Saturday, March 30, 2013

DIY - Cone Thread Stand

Thread Spool Stand Alternative:

I'm working on a prototype now for eliminating the need for a spool stand when using cone spools.
As soon as I get a production unit available, I'll post it.
If you use the larger spools and one of those ugly, cumbersome, inconvenient, nasty thread stands, you are going to love this!!!

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog...

DIY - Cone Thread Stand:
I use a lot of MagicLock thread which comes on 3.000 yard cone shaped spools.  It is necessary to place these on a spool stand so that the thread unwinds from the top.  I've seen these go from $10 to $50 depending on their complexity.  I'm cheap.  I saw one made from a CD/DVD storage spindle so decided to see what I had lying around to give it a try.  I decided upon the CD/DVD spindle, a hanger, and a 5/16" nut.

Here's my take on it:

Thread Spool Stand - DIY - Cone
Finished Product

Here's the procedure:

Thread Spool Stand - DIY - Cone
Parts List:
Hanger with strap hooks
CD/DVD storage case spindle
5/16" nut
End Cutters
Optional: 5/16" Die

Thread Spool Stand - DIY - Cone
Cut the spindle with a hacksaw so that it is shorter than the spool of thread.
Super glue the nut at some convenient location along the perimeter of the base.

Thread Spool Stand - DIY - Cone
File the top of the spindle so that it looks neat.
You don't want your spindle looking like crap.

Thread Spool Stand - DIY - Cone
Clip or saw the hanger at one end.
Thread Spool Stand - DIY - Cone
Clip or saw the hanger at the other end.
Thread Spool Stand - DIY - Cone
File the end of the strap hook.
I used a small round file to cut a rounded groove for the thread to pass across.

Thread Spool Stand - DIY - Cone
Sand the opposite end so that it fits into the nut.  You can glue it in.
I threaded mine with a 5/16" die so that I could screw it into the nut,
but then, I'm not right.

Thread Spool Stand - DIY - Cone
After inserting the hanger into the nut, use a heat gun or hair
dryer to heat the hanger just above the nut.
Do this until you can bend the hanger so that the hook is
directly above the center of the spindle.
Hold until cool enough for the hanger to maintain its position.

Thread Spool Stand - DIY - Cone
Place spool on your new handy-dandy thread stand and
run the thread through the hook and then over to the machine
and thread as normal.  SEW!


  1. Hi Michael,
    Great ingenuity! Just wondering if you have considered adding any weight to this design after using it for awhile? I have a lightweight plastic one that I purchased (cheap) and find that the one annoyance that I have is that it can be tipped easily. ( I have lots going on around my table where it sits) BTW, I linked to your blog from the Bernina '30's Yahoo group.

    1. Thanks, but I can't take credit for this one. I found the idea on the internet and just improved on it a bit. I haven't had an issue with the stand tipping over. However, if it becomes a problem, you could always glue some fender washers on the bottom side. There is a recess there that will handle the thickness.

      BerninasThirtySomething is a great group and I've enjoyed the information shared there. I've got a Bernina 830 which I'll get around to taking some pictures of soon.

      I'm also working on an idea that solves the whole thread stand issue without the cumbersome thread stand. I've been using a prototype and will never go back to a thread stand.

  2. Love this idea. I am in the process of using your tutorial. Thank you for sharing this.