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Links - Sewing & Vintage Sewing Machine

Helpful Links - I'll add to these periodically
(Last Updated 1-29-2016)

Lubrication - Grease & Oil:
The best grease and oil for sewing machines that I've found is Tri-Flow
Oil - Get the 2 oz. (TF21010) or 6 oz. (TF0021060) bottle (comes with applicator straw)
Grease - TF23004 - 3 oz.
Note: Tri-Flow grease is not recommended for Singer potted motor wicks (15-91, 201, etc.).  It does not flow correctly through the wicking material.  For potted motor wicks, use Singer grease.  I've read that some are using pure vaseline (no additives or perfumes).

AeroKroil - Loosens Metal Parts Fast
They usually have a two-can special which beats any deal I've found elsewhere!
Best product for loosening frozen parts... that and a little heat.

Sewing Tutorials:
April Baylor - Sewing Novice Blog
The Crafty Gemini

Support - Vintage Sewing Machine Repair Tutorials:
Basic Sewing Machine Repair - By K. Kiri and S. Kalmakoff - By Elizabeth
The Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Blog - By Nicholas Rain Noe
DragonPoodleStudio - By Cheryl

Support - Yahoo Groups:


For general sewing, my new favorite thread is Gutermann Mara 100 thread (TEX30).
Available in spools of 1,097 yards for $1.99 when it goes on sale.
100% premium polyester and greatly reduces fraying.
You'll need to buy or make a spool stand.

This is a great general sewing thread, a little thinner than Gutermann Mara 100, but feeds perfectly in all of my machines.  My go-to thread for serging.
MaxiLock (TEX27) thread in 3.000 yd spools for under $2.00 each.
100% polyester.
You'll need to buy or make a spool stand.

Thread Spool Stand Alternative:
I'm working on a prototype now for eliminating the need for a spool stand when using cone spools.
As soon as I get a production unit available, I'll post it.
If you use the larger spools and one of those ugly, cumbersome, inconvenient, nasty thread stands, you are going to love this!!!

Hollow Ground Screwdrivers:
Don't screw up your screws!
Get the #8900 Screwdriver Kit

Singer Light Snap Ring Pliers:
Reinstalling the little metal snap rings is very difficult.
These pliers make it a "snap"!
Wilde #G409P Right Angle Snap Ring Plier

Vintage Sewing Machine Parts & Supplies: Featherweight Fiber Washer 301s/glenn.htm For Featherweight Parts and Info For Kenmore Parts Excellent Selection of Vintage Machine and Other Supplies Guy Baker Machine Needle Know-How Resource for Manuals Ray White's Sewing Machine Repair Classes

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