Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bernina 1130

Mary and I just got back from picking up a "new to us" Bernina 1130...!!!

We saw it this morning on CraigsList and called at 7:00 AM.  We left a voicemail and the seller called back by 7:30 AM.  We made an appointment at 3:00 PM at her home about a 100 miles from our house.  She said she had bought it new and the machine was in excellent condition with all of the accessories plus a walking foot.

When we saw it, it was immediately apparent that it had been well cared for.  She did a little demo for us, had a nice conversation, paid her and we were on our way.  Got back at 5:15 and decided that we needed to sell some machines.

Currently, we have a Singer 15-91, a Necchi BU Nova, Four Kenmore 1560's, Two Kenmore 1040's, a Bernina 830, and now the Bernina 1130.  I think I'll sell a couple of the 1560's and the Bernina 830.

The 830 is absolutely complete and is beautiful... thoroughly cleaned, serviced, waxed, and lubed.  This is going to be difficult...

I'll take some pictures of the 1130 soon and post them.


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