Monday, April 1, 2013

Project - Upcycle Drapery Purse

Found some very clean drapery panels at Goodwill and decided to make a test purse just to see if I could do it and also to see what problems I would encounter.  I didn't use a pattern; just sort of came up with the design as I went.  I incorporated curtain and box pleats on the four identical panels that make up the outer bag... originally it was going to be two panels, but after adding the pleats you couldn't fit your hand in the bag.

Lessons learned:
  1. Zipper should be lower in the opening of the purse.
  2. Inside pockets should be higher in the purse.
  3. Add straps before top stitching the bag to the lining.
I used Pollen SF101 fusible interfacing on the lining and fusible fleece on the outer bag.  With the heavier fabric, the fleece gave it just the right body.  With all of the interfacing and the already thick outer fabric, the only machine that would sew the top stitch along the top of the bag was the Bernina 830.  The Singer 15-91 and the Kenmore 1560 ended up with thread nests.

Here are some photos of Mary using the bag on Easter Sunday:

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