Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Project - Upcycle Jeans Purse

Found a pair of Calvin Klein jeans at Salvation Army for $4.00.  Another purse for Mary.

I used fusible fleece on a batik cotton found at Hobby Lobby for the lining, back of the straps, the belt and pocket trim.  The button was found at Hancock Fabrics.  The lining was hand stitched into the purse using a slip stitch.

I used magnetic closure from a source on Etsy.  

Hope you like it.


  1. This bag has a lot of nice features. I like the batik matchup with the jean fabric, the double magnetic snaps, and the way you cross the belting with a button. Was this a pattern or was this free styling?
    Great job!


  2. Hi B,
    Thanks for the kind comments. I looked at quite a few jean purses on pinterest and kind of winged it; probably stealing a little bit here and there. I was originally thinking of a different pattern but when I saw the batik, it just clicked. I learn a little bit with each one.