Sunday, March 6, 2016

Vintage Bernina 830 Record Sewing Machine - Restored

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Vintage Bernina 830 Record Sewing Machine
Very Clean - Serviced
Circa 1970's
Made In Switzerland


Treat yourself to one of the most sought after vintage, all metal, sewing machines ever made... or surprise a loved one with a truly special gift.

This machine is in especially nice condition with very little yellowing.  This model is notorious for yellowing on the side and back panel and the motor shroud.  This was caused by being left in the window for years on end.  A good indicator that this machine was kept in the case when not being used.  The case even has the original inspection sticker on the side and the styrofoam shipping inserts (quite rare).

The case handle and latches are near perfect.  The case is near mint.

This machine has been thoroughly cleaned, serviced, oiled, lubed, polished and waxed.  The case has been treated with a UV inhibiting plastic preservant.

Look at the pictures of the inside of the machine as well as the outside of the machine and it is clear that the previous owner babied it.  I purchased this machine from the original owner.  It is in very good condition and comes with a full complement of accessories to include:

---- Sewing Machine Case w/Styrofoam Inserts (Very Rare)
---- Knee Bar
---- Extension Table
---- Foot Controller
---- Foot Controller Cord
---- Foot Controller/Cord Caddy
---- Original Manual (some markings inside)
---- Accessory Case & Accessories (listed below)

Presser Feet:
---- 000 - Zigzag Multi-Purpose Foot (On Machine)
---- 007 - Zipper Foot
---- 016 - Blind Stitch Foot
---- 028 - 7 Groove Pintuck Foot
---- 030 - Embroidery Foot
---- 168 - 2MM Roll & Shell Hemmer Foot
---- 174 - Lap Hemmer Foot
---- 419 - Tailor Tacking Foot
---- 452 - Buttonhole Foot
---- 470 - Overlock Foot
---- Edge Guide

Additonal Accessories:
---- Original Bernina Bobbin Case
---- Original Bernina Oil Tube
---- Original Bernina Embroidery Hoop
---- Bernina Screwdriver
---- Bernina Needle Screwdriver
---- Lint Brush
---- Metal Bobbin (5)
---- Wing Bolt & Nut for attaching machine to table

---- New Schmetz needles - 5 pack (1 in machine)

----New Spool Felt (black)

The machine is in extremely good condition.  There is a tiny chip in the paint by the ruler decal.  The ruler decal on the base of the machine is not perfect and there is a small dimple in the handwheel release knob. (please see photographs).  Not bad for a 40+ year old machine.  I've not come across an 830 in such good shape.

I performed a visual inspection of the machine and found the electrical to be in good condition and did not replace. The cord is pliable and has been meticulously cleaned and UV protected.

Light switch and lightbulb are in working order.

All moving joints, including motor, has been oiled with Tri-Flow.  All gears have been greased with Tri-Flow grease.  The unit runs smooth and quiet from low to high speed.  When the low speed switch is engaged, the machine hums normally due to the diode technology Bernina used at the time of manufacture.  This is normal.

Old capacitors have been removed.  These are now considered obsolete and can become problematic and costly to remove.  They were originally installed to reduce radio interference which is no longer necessary in today's electronics.

All presser feet have been cleaned and have been treated with dry lubricant.

The bobbin winder works and the auto-stop performs properly.  The unit sews properly, forward and reverse.  Handwheel releases the needle bar properly for bobbin winding. 

The thread tensioner works properly.

The belt and timing has been inspected are are perfect.  The hook has been polished.  See the photo of the test stitching… perfect.

I am not a sewing machine technician.  I am a general contractor who has worked on tools for decades and, for some reason, like to play with vintage sewing machines.

  • Ready to ship (I pack very well)
  • I highly recommend not letting this one get away!


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  4. I was lucky enough to have a friend who offered me this machine along with a folding table...attachments, case, etc. for $100. I use it all the time and absolutely LOVE it.